Who Is

Dee Jay Law?

DJL actually began in the television & film industry, while paralleling the radio career.

Law began interning at a local Orlando Hip-Hop+R&B radio station in the early 90s, spinning some original & infamous remixes during its rush hour & late night remix shows.


Hitting the private & club scene to help pay his way through college, he also began a pioneer internet-based radio broadcast platform that served as a startup radio station for up-and-coming local & U.S. DJs.

After joining with a production team, the graduate would become known as Dee Jay Law, combining the club scene with the special effects of the police along with an anti-drug campaign. Dee Jay Law's fun, unique, and down right eye-raising way of mixing the two into an experience like no other, provided Club & Dance music to a new, safer level.


Dee Jay Law performed in Florida venues across Tampa, Ybor City, Orlando, and Miami, as well as broadcasted in New York & once toured the U.S. East Coast.

He would later make the transition from live events to studio production, creating original content as well as remix collaborations w/various artists.

After retiring in 2002, DJL returns online in 2020 to share his music, both past & new - with both his long time fans and a new generation of ears.


"It's going to fun," said Law. "It basically feels like starting all over again with new technology, all online, across multiple generations. It's refreshing in a way. I'm looking forward to it. This time around, it's purely just for fun, 100%. Just wanted to share my previous work, some of it never released. And also create a lot of new content as well. It'll be a blast."


DJL returns with the hope that in a time where unity and joy is once again direly needed, it can bring that fun back again in people's hearts & minds.

Welcome back, to DJL v2.020!

(portion taken from Hitz, T. Reynolds, July 1996)